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silver cufflinks with fox/hound image

Cufflinks available with following images fox/hound. Hound/fox labrador/sportsman. springer/sportsman. Hare/hound. Sterling Silver @£65.00 gold plated @ £36.50 9ct gold POA

£ 75.00

- +
CZ/Silver bit Bracelet

CZ and silver bit bracelet

£ 70.00

- +
1/2 Silver Eggbutt Bracelet

Beautiful 1/2 Eggbutt Bracelet Silver

£ 120.00

- +
Silver Filigree / bit bracelet

Silver filigree bracelet with central eggbutt bit in centre

£ 130.00

- +
Silver Bit Bangle

Silver eggbutt bit bangle

£ 90.00

- +
Gold Fox Earrings

9ct Gold Fox Earrings with Ruby Eyes

£ 185.00

- +
Sterling Silver Race horse

Beautiful Sterling Silver Racehorse Pendant

£ 50.00

- +
Silver Pony Head

Pretty silver pony head on chain

£ 30.00

- +
Silver Greyhound/Whippet

Call him a whippet or grey hound in silver on chain.

£ 55.00

- +
Silver Mans Hunting Whip Stock pin

Large silver hunting whip stock pin

£ 55.00

- +
Sterling Silver Horses Head Stock Pin

Sterling silver horses head and hunting whip stock pin

£ 40.00

- +
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