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Feeding Instructions

  • Always read product labels and follow instructions carefully.
  • Introduce into feed very gradually so as to accustom horse to new taste and as a safeguard against any adverse reaction - build up over several days to the correct amount for size and weight of the animal.
  • Directions are given pas an amount per 100kg bodyweight. As a rough guide a very small pony is 150/200kg, average pony 300kg, hunter 500kg+ and shires 700kg+. Herbal formulae are concentrated, so little is needed. Once a good result is seen the amounts given can be gradually reduced to achieve an optimum amount for longer term use.
  • Give correct amount halved in 2 feeds about 12 hours apart for best results. Don't exceed the correct amount, it's wasteful and expensive!
  • Mix into feed thoroughly, especially if multiple feeds are being mixed, and wait for hot feeds to cool before adding supplements.
  • Many herbal formulae work best in combinations, if in doubt e.g. with pregnant mares, seek the advice of a qualified medical herbalist, equine nutritionalist or vetinary surgeon. This product guide shows how the main formulae may combine or occasionally do not go well together.
  • Our products are safe to use under JC, FEI & BSJA rules
  • Horses and ponies require a regular worming programme that no supplement can replace - consult your vet.
  • Always store containers with the lids firmly on, in a cool dry place.
  • For our advice on the use of our products please call 016973 71465, when someone will usually be available to help.
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